The Atlas Group has FAA and AS9100/ISO9001 certified facilities to service and support the aerospace aftermarket stringent demands. The company’s ability to provide a one-stop service solution for its customers has established The Atlas Group as a well recognized global platform that offers a wide range of aftermarket capabilities. The company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and delivering unsurpassed value to its customers with its enhanced design solutions, engineering, manufacture, repairs, and overhaul services for our customers.

We support military, commercial, business and private aircraft and multiple models of helicopters. Our engineering department is committed to enhancing design or improving upon original design to enhance performance.

The Atlas Group has an established reputation for supporting aftermarket requirements for customers. The support can range from a single part requirement to providing large assemblies and kits of parts delivered directly to the end customer. The company is dedicated to performance and providing innovative, value added cost saving solutions for manufacturing and overhaul with the quickest turnaround solutions.

The Atlas Quality Policy and Objectives

Our Quality Policy is to provide customer satisfaction as a top priority as we continually improve the quality of our processes and products, and partner with our customers and suppliers.

We will:

  • Strive to improve customer satisfaction
  • Develop a reliable cost-effective supplier base
  • Constantly improve the productivity and efficiency of our production process
  • Provide effective training and a safe work environment
  • Continuously improve all of our processes

The Atlas Group provides the following aftermarket services:

  • Aircraft Computer Housings
  • Avionic Racks and Trays
  • Flight Deck Control Housings
  • Radio Kits
  • Airframe Structures
  • APU Kits
  • Wing Spars
  • Wing Ribs
  • Aircraft Skins
  • Actuation Controls
  • Spares

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