Aerostructure Capabilities

The Atlas Group has established its position in the aerospace industry as a leading OEM / Tier 1 manufacturer of large scale aerostructures formilitary, commercial, business and private aircraft as well as multiple models of helicopters.

We design, engineer and manufacture most complex aerostructure parts and components for the industry.

PJS_8293Our processes include:

  • Auto Fastening
  • Chemical Milling
  • Cosmetic Detail Manufacture and Assembly
  • Composites Assembly
  • Fillet and Fay Surface Sealing
  • Metal Bond, Painting, PAA
  • Finishing Processes
  • PJS_8428Integration of Components into Sub-Assemblies
  • Machining
  • Mechanical and Electrical Assemblies
  • Precision Fabrication
  • Stretch-Forming
  • Structural Assembly
  • Thermal-Forming

Special emphasis is placed on details to exceed the highest standards in the industry. The company constantly strives to out-pace their competition by utilizing advanced technology and manufacturing to deliver world-class products.

The Atlas Group provides a full range of manufacturing and engineering support capabilities. The company is structured to provide services required, from multiple design options that include design performance specifications, through build-to-print manufacturing and final product assembly and delivery.

PJS_8656Examples of aerostructure products include:

  • Cabin Door Assemblies
  • Control Surfaces
  • Fuselage Sections
  • Rudder Pedal Assemblies
  • Structural Airframes
  • Various Structural Parts
  • PJS_8466Wings
  • Wing Spar and Rib Assemblies
  • Wi-Fi Panels



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