Composite and Metal Bonding

The Atlas Group has a lead position in the engineering and manufacturing of structural composite assemblies for aerospace critical applications. Atlas produces metallic and composite aerostructures for military, commercial, business and private airplanes and helicopters.

The company ensures the use of the latest industry technology and equipment for the production of composite parts, and control of composite time and temperature materials. Composite parts can be built from an existing design or modified if required, or a new composite solution can be designed to suit. The use of innovative materials is tailored to fit a customers specific needs and challenges.

Metallic parts, skins and honeycomb cores are prepared and treated prior to bonding and assembly. The assembly is then cured at a specific temperature and pressure using autoclaves prior to final assembly and the application of finish paint.

The Atlas Group is a full service certified facility for composites and metal bonding that offers the following.

PJS_9016We offer the following:

  • Metal to Metal Bonding (Similar & Dissimilar)
  • Metal to Composite Bonding
  • PAA and bond prime
  • Metal to Honeycomb Core
  • Cold Bonding
  • Crushed Core Binding
  • Pre-preg Composite Part Fabrication
  • Fiberglass Part Fabrication
  • Lay-Up Tool Design & Manufacturing
  • Current Autoclave Size Capacity 10’ Wide x 50’ Deep

Our 6,400 square foot controlled contamination area is used exclusively for bonding processes. This area features a temperature controlled environment, maintaining positive air pressure, and is approved to the requirements of BAC 5555, BAC 5514, D-16925 and D6-49327. The 50’ long x 10’ wide autoclave is equipped with superior electronic controlled programming capabilities, ensuring cure cycles are continuously meeting customer requirements.

Brenner Aerostructures Certificate


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