Electro-Mechanical Systems

The Atlas Group provides vertically integrated products via the organic growth of electronic assembly, electronic testing and stress testing. Our process is the differentiator that sets The Atlas Group apart from competitors. We invest to support our customers’growing needs and cost savings,and this process compliments our vertically integrated complex mechanical assembly capabilities.

We have achieved the highest level for the bill-of-material process, which has led our customers to realize savings, and reduced cost of managing one-source.

The Atlas Group combines electro-mechanical actuation and control for simple actuations through complex multi channel flight controls.

Electro-mechanical systems engineering integrates the systems in various aircraft cabin areas.

PJS_7788Systems include:

  • Flight Controls
  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Yoke Steering
  • Rudder Controls
  • Brake Controls
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • PJS_7744Flight Management
  • Displays
  • Communication & Radios
  • Auxiliary Mechanisms& Equipment

The electro-mechanical and integration capabilities at The Atlas Group includes building housings, running wires and motherboard–circuit card assembly installations in order to deliver to the customer a complete, installable product. The company will partner to provide full-build solutions that comply with all customer standards to achieve mutual goals already set on the program.

In all areas of electro-mechanical device manufacturing, The Atlas Group adheres to the top quality standards and procedures that apply to ISO 9001: 2000 / AS 9100 to ensure the highest manufacturing standards are met. Systems are built and tested via an Accepted Test Procedure (ATP) to ensure quality on-time deliveries.

Electro-mechanical engineering is cross-departmental and coordinates with aircraft structures, flight sciences, electrical systems engineering, systems safety, project engineering, product support, programming and multiple testing procedures within The Atlas Group.

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