Electronic Testing

Aeronautical products produced for the aerospace industry are required to meet standards established specifically for commercial, military, business and private aircraft. The Atlas Group has established this area of electrical testing vertical integration valueand is committed to offer exceptional testing services by experienced engineers who provide solutions to achieve and maintain compliance.

The Atlas Group produces all Line Replaceable Units (LRU) and mating harnesses to suit the required project, ensuring the right environment that allows the highest degree of test automation with high level software and computer control assistance.

Every electronic build is tested and held to the rigorous standards we uphold for the aerospace and defense industry. Our automated or touch labor process for harness building to motherboard wire-wrap integration is tested through various levels. The connectors and boards are scrutinized prior to assembly integration, and again at subsequent build points. The testing performed is industry and customer specific for miss-wire, miss-fire, leakage high-pot and continuity. Any new build within our electro-mechanical group is controlled and process driven for future success rates in production.

The US market requires three authorization procedures:

  1. Verification
  2. Declaration & Conformity
  3. Certification

ISO 9001:2000

The Atlas Group maintains certificates of registration for IPC-610 and J-STD trainers on staff and certified operators for soldering specifications as per industry standards.

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