Engineering Culture

The engineering expertise and reputation of The Atlas Group has been earned, delivered and proven in all departments. The company retains experienced engineers with specialized capabilities in designing products to meet and surpass the requirements of the customer and the standards of the aerospace industry. Our design staff provides solutions from initial concept through production with qualification and certification.

The engineering departments within The Atlas Group offer:

  1. Build to Print
  2. Early Involvement-New Product Integration
  3. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  4. Design Assist

Our engineering principals are based on the following:

  • The Atlas Group stays ahead within the industry by using the latest software capabilities, manufacturing practices, LEAN initiatives and investment in capital equipment.
  • Prior to any production, input is provided to our customers to ensure that our partnership utilizes the latest technology to enhance the outcome of the planned conceptual designs. We offer options that will lower cost and improve manufacturability during the critical initial phase, ensuring that the system leads to successful modeling.
  • Solid model files are the basis of our business. Our engineers work efficiently with multiple model formats with our translators thus reducing time in the planning and programming stages. This assures our customers that components are made to exact specifications.
  • The Atlas Group continually updates software and training to minimize delays to the platform for drafting and programming.  Software used is compatible with OEM engineering groups to allow a two-way information flow for the customer.
  • We provide seamless integration by using the tools that provide the best import,design, review and response with our OEM engineering partners.
  • KAIZEN  / LEAN Culture is the mindset of management and operations staff to continually improve efficiency, establish root cause and initiate corrective actions for standards. KAIZEN events and LEAN projects occur within all departments and divisions consistently throughout the year.

The Atlas Group’s engineering organization has established the necessary trust within our customer network to be able to pinpoint areas for improvement in the overall configuration. Our engineering culture has leveraged our longstanding reputation for bringing customers together to collaborate at the early involvement phases of projects and programs. This procedure affords the customer insight to tolerances, dimensions, material, hardware, process call outs and geometrics to be placed on the product.

Together as a team, The Atlas Group and the customer will reach a desired shared goal for efficient affordable manufacturing. Every aspect is considered whether it be through part count, part complexity, necessary assembly tooling, functional inspection gauges or a part type. As the project moves forward the customer is provided the necessary assistance to achieve the desired result within the products design.

In conclusion

The Atlas Group has become the preferred choice by customers as their full service provider source for the demanding engineering needs, for weight reduction, cost and production. Our value added service is also mutually beneficial in the production life cycle.

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