Processing Capabilities

The Atlas Group performs a wide range of specialized precision techniques required for the production of parts for the aerospace industry. We seek and maintain the highest process standards in the industry that comply with industry certification. Every customer qualification is continually audited and monitored to ensure compliance.

The company processes a wide variety of:

  • Fuselage Skins
  • Wing Skins
  • Stringers
  • Spars
  • Components
  • Machine & Sheet metal parts

Processing capabilities include:

Phosphoric Acid Anodizing Line (PAA)
The Atlas Group is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art phosphoric anodizing line. The line features 25’ long x 8’ deep x 3’ wide tanks with the ability to run multiple flight bars.

Adhesive Prime and Cure
We have a 3,000 square foot controlled contamination area dedicated for adhesive prime application and cure. This area includes a 30’ long x 15’ wide down-shaft spray booth and independent curing oven. Oven pyrometry is controlled in accordance with BAC 5621.

Paint / Priming
This area has a 12’ x 24’ self-contained paint booth dedicated to the requirements of BAC 5793 (BMS 10-20), BAC 5736 (BMS 10-11) or (MIL-PRF-23377), BAC 5882 (BMS 10-79), BAC 5845 (BMS 10-60),  as well as numerous other aircraft and commercial paint applications.

Qualifications include:

The process line and priming operations are qualified to the requirements of Boeing’s BAC 5555, BAC 5514, and NADCAP chemical processing.

It is the policy within the Atlas Group to excel in the production of aircraft details and assemblies while providing customers with competitive pricing.  The company’s attention to the continuous expansion of capabilities and technology allows us to be the full service provider for our customers, and our improved efficiency and productivity promotes streamlining of product and process flows.

Strong partnerships are the basis of our fundamental success, and through these partnerships we recognize the importance of the “competitive advantage” and will continually strive to improve the quality of our processes and products as we grow our establishment to world wide status.

NADCAP Certificate
Brenner Aerostructures Certificate

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