Sheet Metal Manufacturing

The experienced fabricators at The Atlas Group are skilled and certified to deliver high quality components and assemblies from simple to complex metal parts, provided to customers exact specifications. We offer a vast range of capabilities to support fabrication of sheet metal products for the aerospace market. High precision sheet metal fabrication is applied to various material types.

The Atlas Group continues to utilize the newest technology and superior equipment  that ensures customers the finest possible production on both legacy and current projects with emphasis on eliminating weight, while maintaining the necessary stress levels for their products.

Current sheet metal capabilities include drop hammer, roll form, punch press, hydro press and brake form. Products range from small clip and brackets to large trailing edge skins, work stations and avionic boxes. Our extensive capabilities allow for vertical integration of the components into the structural assemblies as well as providing direct support to customers.

Sheet Metal Equipment

  • Drop Hammers: 48” x 67”
  • Hydro Presses: 30”x 70”
  • Press Brakes: 136”
  • Blanking Presses: 35” x 55”
  • Roll Forming: 72”

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