Stretch Forming Capabilities

Stretch forming is the process by which a large piece of sheet metal is stretched and bent over a particular shaped die in order to form a contoured part. Production requirements for the aerospace industry are usually large but will vary from a simple curved surface to a complex cross section. Stretch forming capabilities requires high accuracy and smooth surfaces.

The stretch forming process can create precise formed multi-contoured components out of aluminum and other materials. The technology used for stretch forming can be applied to a small detailed component up to a large panel.

Stretch formed parts are required for commercial, business and private aircraft, and the aerospace and defense industries. The Atlas Group has achieved an excellent track record for quality work and on-time delivery.

The Atlas Group’s stretch forming equipment is designed to provide close-tolerance stretch leveling and stretch forming for sheet type materials. We use a CNC controller specially programmed to reduce processing variation.

Stretch Form Specifications include:

  • Maximum Die Table Force = 1,200 tons
  • Sheet Jaw Tension Force = 1,500 tons
  • Sheet Length Capability = 480” or 720” with extensions
  • Flexible Jaws Handling over 100”
  • Jaws Rotate, Oscillate and Swing to Match
  • Tangency Pull-Off from the Die
  • Jaws Move Inboard and Outboard

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