Unattended Cellular Manufacturing

The Atlas Group has established recognition for developing solutions to meet customer challenges and face global competitiveness. The company has invested in leading technology, cutting edge equipment, fine-tuned capabilities,  automation, advanced software and automated LEAN cellular manufacturing cell systems.

Performance technology is the basis for our cellular manufacturing.  There are dedicated cell systems that run various types of materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium. Our performance range is virtually limitless because we have the capability to run small up to very large parts, and production continues 24 hours a day.

The Atlas Group’s core model is to deliver vertically integrated products ahead of the competition and maintain competitive pricing.  A dependable team organization ensures high-level product performance that benefits our customers and maintains on-going customer relationships.

The Atlas Group supplies the highest quality products at a fair price and the best delivery.


  • 5-Axis 180 Pallet Cell System for J.I.T. Products
  • Horizontal Cellular Manufacturing (Multiple Cell Systems and Multiple envelope sizes (30” – 120”)

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