Flight Deck – Controls and Management

The Atlas Group provides design engineering to support the development and operations for Guidance Navigation and Controls (GNC). Our accomplished team will challenge technical issues and formulate solutions within budget and time constraints.

We offer a wide range of technical services such as manufacturability, assembly, research and development, control system design, test, stress and simulation.

All flight deck products manufactured by The Atlas Group are built with safeguards to prevent accidental commands. Our controls will provide tactile and visual feedback that a pilot requires to ensure a command given is properly translated into a control surface or landing gear action.

Some Flight Deck Controls presently manufactured by The Atlas Group are:

  • Control Stick Actuation
  • Fly-By-Wire Control Systems
  • Flight Management Displays for Control Panel Displays
  • Flight Management Computer Controlling (registering, mapping and logging the entire flight)
  • Pedestal Housing For All Flight Deck Control Units
  • Rudder Pedal System
  • Rudder Actuation Housing Controls
  • Throttle Quadrant, Speed Brakes, Flap Controls
  • Variable Feed Actuation Controls

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