OEM / Tier One Products

The Atlas Group is well recognized as a strong and highly skilled partner to the major OEM companies in the aerospace industry because it is able to address all facets of the industry. The company’s extensive range of capabilities includes solid design solutions,manufactured aerospace products, aerostructures, electro-mechanical systems, components, repair maintenance and spare parts.

Specialized manufacturing capabilities of the company include, airplane doors, wings, composites, skins, aerostructure ribs and flooring, flight deck controls and actuation systems, as well as multiple aerospace components.

The company’s bandwidth is so extensive it is able to offer customers transparency in support of their statements of work across all divisions. The Atlas Group has a unique position by being able to offer the capability of producing and managing vertically integrated opportunities and keep customers updated on the status of their products and repairs at all time.

The planning and organization structure is focused to support the spares once an aircraft requires further non-supported production spares, and to provide parts and service for years ahead.

The company presently supports most military, commercial, business and private airplane manufacturers. The Atlas Group products are presently positioned on 73 different types of aircraft as well as 18 varieties of helicopters. The Atlas Group is also on every variant warship in our current active Naval fleet.

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