Ruggedized Workstations and Systems

In todays fast changing and dangerous world for aerospace, military and defense, surface and sub-surface ships,and other endeavors located in harsh environments, there is a need for technical and operational equipment to perform with the utmost reliability in any condition.

The Atlas Group has the capabilities to provide products for an assortment of rugged environments by supplying specialized design engineering, testing, manufacturing and systems for your required specialized conditions. All products designed are tested and proven in the worst possible conditions and are rugged enough to withstand longevity while being operational through extreme temperatures, vibration, corrosive atmospheres and shock.

Rugged workstations and servers are designed with the latest and best technology available to ensure the highest up-time performance with long life, avoiding becoming obsolete. It is also necessary to have products and systems that are quickly and easily replaced without changes to power or having conflicting software. The company ensures that all products meet industry standards and are manufactured to perform in any conditions in the air, on land or at sea.

The following list is an assortment of products and technology designed, manufactured and tested to rugged performance by The Atlas Group.

  • Two-Screen Station Command, Compute, Control and Communicate (C4) Workstations for surface and sub-surface war ships
  • Three-Screen Station Command, Compute, Control and Communicate (C4) Workstations for surface and sub surface war ships
  • Air Refueling Operating Station that fuels the flight for fight
  • Ground based communication systems for micro-air vehicles to capture
  • awareness prior to engagement
  • Weapons Control Systems for sub-surface and surface war ships
  • Input / output control boxes for axillary power
  • Radar Housing Systems
  • UAV flight control systems
  • Flight Deck Pedestal Assembly
  • APU Shroud Housing and Kit