World Leader

The Atlas Group has emerged as a world leader that provides first class OEM products and services for the Aerospace, Maritime and Defense Industries.

The company policy, from management through all operations, is to seek and meet the highest standards in the industry while improving efficiency in the production of their OEM products. The company’s mission is to constantly improve delivery of their reputable maintenance and repair services with readily available spare parts, in or out of stock.

The Goal for the Atlas Group is to maintain a leading position within the Industries, and grow in all directions through their established and proven performance platform, with a continuing mission to improve technology and control costs. Atlas intends to maintain its leading edge and be ready to support the demands of future worldwide industry requirements.

The company’s performance and trust is valued throughout the Aerospace Industry. The Atlas Group products are presently positioned on 73 different types of airplanes in military, commercial, business and private aviation and 18 different types of helicopters.